Our Trucks

Almost ALL of our truck are Superdumps.

A Superdump is a dump truck that has anywhere from four to seven axles and is capable of legal payloads ranging from 19-32 tons. Imagine carrying payloads equilvalent to those of trailers and transfers, but maintaining the maneuverability and quick “turnaround” of a standard dump truck.

Due to federal bridge laws, payloads such as those mentioned above and in our payload tables are only attainable by “spreading out” the weight = i.e. getting the maximum distance between your front and rear axle.

Some of our truck incorporate the Strong Armâ„¢

The Strong Armâ„¢ is a load-bearing axle that is added to the rear of heavy-duty trucks (i.e. dump trucks, concrete mixers, garbage trucks) to increase payloads and maximize profits while operating under the federal Bridge Laws. Also know as a stinger, booster, trailing tag, or flying tag axle, the Strong Arm trailing axle has revolutionized the trucking industry. It is the only trailing axle that does not interfere with normal dump truck operations. The patented feature of the trailing axle rotating up and toward the front to totally clear the rear of the vehicle – makes it as easy to dump into pavers,
transfers, spreaders, etc – as if the axle were never there!